We market our berries commercially under the name M&MBA, an acronym for Maberry & Maberry Berry Association. This association of Curt Maberry Farm and Jake Maberry Packing combines two families who have grown berries for nearly 60 years, processed them for over 30 years and combined have over seven generations of berry growing experience. Our combined efforts grow and process berries for some of the
best food companies in the world.

Maberry's Berries™ is our new frozen retail product line which will be in a store near you.


Strawberry Product Line:

• Sliced or whole in 30# pail or 400# drum
• Sieved w/ or w/out seeds
• IQF whole in 30# case

Raspberry Product Line:

• Single strength sieved w/ or w/out seeds in 28# pail
   or 400# drum
• Straight pack in 28# pail or 400# drum
• Grade A IQF in 25# case
• Bakers grade IQF in 20# case
• Manufactures grade IQF in 20# case
• IQF crumbles in 20# case

Blueberry Product Line:

• IQF in 20# or 30# case
• IQF in 1000# totes

Retail Product Line:

• Red raspberries in sugar syrup tub with tamper proof seal
   or 6-6.5 container
• Polybag strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries
• Specifications vary by customer
• Custom toll processing available

Please feel free to contact us if there is a custom pack you would like to request. We are happy to fulfill your berry product needs.

Please visit M&MBA for more information.